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Wood gasification has been around for over a hundred years. Learn about its history and how you can generate your own power.

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​OffGrid48° is a consulting services company in the Inland Northwest specializing in renewable energy system consulting. We can help you select the appropriate type, size and configuration of your renewable energy system that best meet your specific site, power and budgetary requirements. Whether It is Solar (PV), Wind, Hydro, Wood Gasification or a combination of these renewable energy systems, OffGrid48° can save you valuable time and money and empower you to live a more independent and self sustaining life.


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Off Grid means different things to different people. What does off grid mean to you?

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Wood Gasification

Different types of Alternative Energy Systems including Solar, Wind, Hydro and Wood gas

We can provide wood gas generators and/or complete you can generate your own power.

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Wood Gasifier Builder's Workshop Books

Learn about this valuable resource to generate your own FREE fuel.

"Empowering independent and self sustaining living"

​Through education and use of renewable energy