Wood Gas Generators

If you will be using your Wood Gas generator for power generation, we can help you interface an existing generator to work with your wood gas generator, select an appropriate size and type of generator to best suit your needs.  We will work with you to integrate an existing generator on a time-and-materials basis, or we can help select and source a new or used generator based upon your specific requirements on a cost-plus basis.

AC Power Generators

It is easy to find plans on the Internet for Wood Gasifiers but most of these are basically garage-based science projects. If you have lots of time and money and are looking for a new DIY hobby, this might be the suggested path for you.  There are also several companies that sell production level wood gas power systems, but often in excess of $20K (USD). If you are a looking for an affordable and proven production level system that you can reliably use in your home or off grid application to generate your own clean, reliable and FREE wood gas, we recommend the Ben Peterson design. 

For those who want the immediate benefit a proven Wood Gasifier design, but do not have the time, skills, equipment or inclination to build it yourself, we offer our assembly services to build one of these units for you. We also offer several versions of a Wood Gas builder's kits for those DIY inclined. In addition to custom builds and DIY kits, we can provide training, installation, setup and operational services to get you up and running and generating your own free power as soon as possible. After all, that is the main goal here, isn't it, generating your own free power?

As part of our services, we will help you select the appropriate size of the Wood Gas generator needed for your application and build it for you on a time and materials basis for little more than you could build it yourself.

generate your own free power from wood!

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