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For the DIY inclined, we offer a one-day (4-5 hour) DIY Wood Gasifier Builder's workshop. This is an in-person, hands-on workshop that goes through the complete operation of the wood gasififer, and a detailed step-by-step "dry" build of a complete wood gasififer. Regardless of what design you choose to build, this valuable workshop will save you valuable time, money and frustration to ensure you will have the most cost effective, successful and functional build.

The workshop will include many 'tips and tricks' to ensure you have a successful build and high-quality, production level wood gasifier.

The full cost of the workshop will be credited towards the purchase of a complete build or either of the two DIY build kits (partial or complete).

For those with welding/fabrication experience, we also offer daily, hands-on training with welding and fabrication tools so you can build your gasifier or sub-assemblies on-site under our direction.

DIY Wood Gasifier Builder's Workshops