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If you choose to build your own Wood Gasifier, we offer both complete and partial parts kits that will cut your build time to less than half. We can supply full or partial DIY wood gasifier build kits. The plate metal parts include both mild and stainless steel in both 1/8" and 1/4" thickness and are laser cut. The complete parts kit includes all of the plate metal components, rolled parts, square, round and tube metal parts, hardware, insulation, sealants, motors and electronics ready for assembly and welding.

DIY Wood Gasifier Kits

The plate metal parts kit includes all of the laser cut plate metal parts for the wood gasififer in both mild steel and stainless steel. This kit contains most of the structural components of the wood gasifier. This kit may be ordered with rolled or flat plate metal parts.

Wood Gasifier Builder's Workshop Book

Plate metal parts kit (Partial Kit)

  • All metal parts from plate metal parts kit.
  • Rolled metal parts
  • All square, round, and tube metal parts 
  • All nuts and bolts for assembly
  • Wiring, motors, and electronic components
  • All sealants and insulation components
  • Wheels, paint, and other accessories
  • ​Kits are sold with our own metal housing, so propane tanks are not required.

NEW: Effective 12/1/23 receive a FREE copy of our Wood Gasifier Builder's Workshop book with the purchase of any DIY Build kit, a $175 USD Value !

Complete Parts Kit