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​Through education and use of renewable energy


site Assessment Report

consulting services

renewable energy system design

Based upon your specific preferences, requirements, site assessment and budget, we can provide system design services to identify the type of system (solar, wind, hydro, Wood Gas, hybrid, etc.), the necessary components, the power requirements, sources, and competitive bids for components and installation services.

Off Grid consulting services

For a fixed price, we will provide you with an Off Grid Site Assessment report, tailored to your specific site, with specific information about your off grid options, based upon your responses to a provided questionnaire. The assessment report will take into consideration your site location, orientation, suitability for Solar, Wind, Hydro or Wood gas power systems, as well as some comparative cost and benefits of the different systems. The report will provide additional details and resource references such as local permiting and building requirements, tax rebates and other resources. In addition, the price of the report will be credited back to you should you decide to utilize our services for implementing your off grid system or in the purchase of one of our Wood Gas power systems.

We can provide consultation services by the hour or day rate should you wish to hire us to design, size or provide competitive quotes and sources for your system components or assist you in any DIY design and implementation projects